4 channels,
all managed from Content Cockpit

Ready to use assets to engage with your customers - wherever they tune to your company's pulse!
Mobile app
With TRIFFT, you get native iOS/Android mobile apps. Whether you see it as your key loyalty channel, really immersive channel for your hard core fans, or just a must-have standard in your industry, we have you covered.

Get loyalty app from loyalty specialists! Not from generic software developers or generic no-code solutions.

Save money and time, reduce delivery risk!
TRIFFT Loyalty mobile app
  • Wide selection of modules
    From Contests to Customer feedback, from Onboarding to Order management. Build the app exactly the way you like.
  • Designs that work
    We constantly review every major loyalty app and watch out for new trends. We build designs that are not extravagant, but support good UX and help your content shine.
  • Hassle-free updates
    Apps require ongoing care - security update, Apple/Google compliance, playing nice with new phones. Thanks to TRIFFT platform, we take care of it with great care and at fraction of cost.
  • Fun to work with
    No one likes the pain it takes to change anything in hard-coded apps. That's why you can change anything in our apps on your own in Content Cockpit - in real time.
TRIFFT Loyalty website
Loyalty website
Some customers prefer to connect with you in a comfort of their homes from desktop. Others may need a quick in-store registration on their cell phone. In any case, adding web to your loyalty channels is a good idea.

With TRIFFT it's easy, as everything just works out of the box. Client Zone supports all our modules.

The best part? You only prepare the content once for all channels.
  • Responsive
    Our templates work good on any device. Nothing feels so 2000's like web that does not look good on your phone.
  • Flexible
    Benefit from well-working templates, but get your message across. We support custom headers, images, colours, and more.
  • User-centric
    User experience reflects on your brand - and you need it to be perfect. We make sure that getting registered, picking up your reward or sending feedback feels good.
  • Fun to work with
    Need flexibility of CMS, but all features of loyalty web? You can change anything in Client Zone on your own in Content Cockpit - in real time.
Mobile Passes as
digital loyalty cards
For those customers who don't have or want an app, you need to have an easy way to stay engaged.

Smart cards are a lightweight, yet powerful alternative to other channels. Best of all, you don't have to rely on third-party loyalty card wallet apps.

Take full control of customer experience.
TRIFFT Loyalty Mobile Passes as digital loyalty cards
  • Customizable
    Don't rely on third-party apps, create your own designs and allow customers to store your cards directly in Apple Wallet/Google Pay.
  • Interactive
    Share point status, send messages, add links and showcase your app. Make the most out of this medium to grab your customers' attention.
  • Sticky
    They might delete your app or they might forget their password. But they are very likely to keep the card. Smart Cards work as a lifeline to keep in touch.
  • Fun to work with
    As a lightweight channel, smart cards are limited in content and communication options. But what can be changed is easily managed from Content Cockpit.
TRIFFT headless loyalty
Headless loyalty
Do you have an existing mobile app or web that lacks loyalty features or isn't flexible?

Do you have a custom project in mind where TRIFFT modules are not enough?

No problem! Benefit from reliable TRIFFT loyalty backend and easy-to-use Content Cockpit and connect with us through API's.
  • Flexible
    We offer a rich, well-documented, RESTfull set of APIs.
  • Ready to use
    We have built TRIFFT loyalty backend and Content Cockpit administration with care so you can focus on building frontend experiences that make a difference.
  • Reliable & secure
    With 24/7 dev-ops, MS Azure infrastructure, and state-of-the-art backend architecture, your program is up and running and GDPR compliant all the time.
  • Powerful
    Give your marketing team the access to the same powerful Content Cockpit and backend that we use for controlling our "1st party" channels.
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