Case study
Building Loyalty Program from the ground up for the trader franchise network under the brand "Môj Obchod"
Rolling out a working, full-featured Mobile app-based loyalty program without POS implementation
Creating a central venue management system incorporated into TRIFFT's Content Cockpit
Gaining consumer data on individual customer/segment level
A German multinational company based in Düsseldorf is a leading wholesale company specialised in serving the needs of HoReCa segment as well as independent traders.

In addition to its large-format cash and carry stores, the company runs local franchise chains of convenience stores in a number of countries.

METRO AG approached TRIFFT with the need for proactive work with their existing B2C customers, setting their consumer offer at the same level as competitors' and create digital loyalty competence for planned future use cases such as click&collect.

We agreed on creating a mobile app-based loyalty program to fulfill all the requirements.

The pilot project launched in Slovakia, with other countries expected to implement it within the next 6 months.
  • Industry
    HoReCa & grocery
  • Company size
    95,000 employees,
    30 countries
  • Location
  • TRIFFT products
    Loyalty Mobile app
    Content Cockpit administration
  • No unified POS system to integrate loyalty program with
    METRO AG was looking for a loyalty solution to be rolled out in multiple countries, starting with a pilot in Slovakia. The most important requirement was the solution's flexibility to work with various technologies specific for each country, and to bring a certain level of unification into the company tech ecosytem.
  • Insufficient venue management system
    With over 600 venues in the pilot country alone, and thousands more in other markets, METRO AG felt its venue management system was outdated and inflexible. That's why they started researching the new, easy-to-use, and flexible system, which would make any update a matter of seconds.
  • No data about customer behaviour and purchases available
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TRIFFT solution
We worked alongside METRO AG from their initial thought to the actual implementation of the loyalty program.
Market Audit & Consultations
The first step was conducting a thorough best practices research. TRIFFT took into account METRO AG's current situation and existing tech ecosystem and proposed both loyalty mechanics, consumer channels and design that would best fit the company's requirements.
Unified solution despite not having unified POS
Stores using various POS terminals was the first challenge to overcome. Though TRIFFT typically integrates into a company's POS system, we were able to come up with an alternative plan and offered Môjobchod a loyalty program based on receipt scanning. That way the company was able to obtain the same level of customer data as compared with custom integration.
Full-featured loyalty mobile app
Based on our client's requirements and competitor analysis, we agreed that B2C loyalty app was about to become an essential part of METRO AG's business digitalization plan. After several discussion rounds, it was launched and provided to METRO AG's franchise business partners with the purpose of better engagement with their consumers by having a direct and better targeted communication channel. TRIFFT also took care of the onboarding of both internal employees and the extrernal marketing agency.
Venue management system incorporated in the Content Cockpit
With hundreds of venues, a more complex and flexible venue management system was needed. TRIFFT used a concept of Single source of truth (SSOT), collected and aggregated venue data or from all present systems within an organization and incorporated them into a brand new module within Content Cockpit. That way, any employee with granted access could add, edit or delete any venue-related information (the change would immediately appear in all consumer channels).
Consent management system
The EU regulatory requirements regarding consent collection are strict. That's why TRIFFT was in touch with METRO AG's legal department from the very early stages of the loyalty program development. Having discussed the needs of the company, we were able to create a perfectly flexible module that empowered METRO AG (and all other clients) to obtain, manage and document the consent of their users directly in our Concent Cockpit.
Access to data on custom segment/individual customer level
METRO AG's marketing team granted access to CRM system, where all loyalty data is stored.
  • Matej Varga
    Head of Franchise, METRO Cash & Carry SR s.r.o.
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  • Andrei Nistor
    Innovation Manager, Convenience Digital Hub
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  • Katja Schumacher
    Head of MCC Retail Franchise, METRO AG
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