Rock-solid foundations
Track performance of your program through pre-set dashboards or get access to custom views based on MS PowerBI.
Ensure good customer experience and avoid mistakes and unnecessary overhead by automating Order to Delivery/Pickup process (e.g. rewards, contest prizes, etc.).
Review profile and actions of any user, adjust information, send bonus points or engaging communication as needed.
Member management
Set any communication flow you like and lets scenarios run automatically 24/7.

Coming Q2/2022
Automated scenarios
Beautiful and rich content
Highlight the most important deals you want your customers to know about (e.g. favorite item on discount, partner promo, Black Friday, etc.)
Manage what's visible on your app/web landing page. Select from pre-set modules (e.g. content link, contest, rewards, etc.) to always present attractive content.
Bring your leaflet experience online with minimum effort, but keep 100% control. Work with multiple leaflets, segmentation by venue and auto scheduling available.
Run classic reward point and catalogue system with ease. Manage multi-SKU rewards (e.g. sizes, colours) and combine with Delivery module to fully automate your loyalty system.
Use contests as main loyalty mechanics, or to bring some excitement into your program. TRIFFT offers end-to-end solution from design to final/daily drawing and contacting winners.
Keep your venue list always up to date, decide what info you want to share in venue details (e.g. car wash, coffee corner, parking, etc.). Link to Apple/Google maps for navigation.
Raffles & Contests
Venue management
Issue coupons with flexibility: different customers segments (e.g. to churning customers), based on achievement (e.g. visit 3x), based on chance (e.g. scratch cards)
Communication customers love
Ask for customer feedback after every purchase or other key event. Use this data to track performance in time, by venue and understand how your customer feels about your service.
Allow customers to contact you directly to improve service and avoid awkward public conversations (e.g. on Facebook, Instagram). Set business hours, auto replies, notifications.
Customer feedback
Direct messages
Easily publish news through multiple formats (e.g. push notifications, in-app message, hero banner, etc.). Benefit from scheduling, segmentation and venue specific audiences.
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