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Top tier loyalty programs
for fraction of cost
Take advantage of our tech and know how

Get access to same features and UX/UI
that market leaders use to win over customers
Communicate in way that is sexy and effective for your business
Reach out to customers through channels that are hot now

Maximize your loyalty program potential thanks to customer engagement modules and access to consumer behavior data
Leave the tech up to us
Why develop everything from scratch?

With TRIFFT, you get access to ready-made technology, robust architecture hosted at Microsoft Azure cloud, 24/7 up-time monitoring, security updates, and ever-improving features without any additional costs
Be fully independent in running your program
Set rewards, send messages, or add venues whenever you need.

Thanks to TRIFFT Admin web-interface, you will alway have access to real-time data and analytics
Out of time? We offer agency services to help!
Actively working with your loyalty system is key to success. But, we know your life can get busy. That's why we offer agency support to all our clients for a fair price.

Lacking capacity to drive the program on your own? As loyalty marketing and psychology professionals, we offer support ranging from design and preparation of the program, to content marketing, customer service and advanced analytics & insights.
Whether you need to start with loyalty from scratch or want to bring your existing program up to date,
whether you are large retail chain or small corner café, we have a solution for you
Loyalty program
from A to Z
"I want a completely new loyalty program that will be based on ready-to-use technology and I want to manage it on my own."
Business needs analysis
Setting-up bespoke program
Content management via TRIFFT Admin (with possibility to use TRIFFT agency services)
Possibility to connect with plastic loyalty cards or add web-app channel
Mobile app
for existing program
"I want to add digital features to my existing loyalty program and maximize its potential."
1790 €
/ one-time set up
Setting up of your own mobile app / web under your name and in your visual style
Full connection to your existing loyalty scheme
24/7 monitoring
Content management via TRIFFT Admin (with possibility to use TRIFFT agency services)
Rewarding customers
in HoReCa and small retail
"I am looking for a tried and tested solution to reward my customers and stay it touch with them."
39 €
/ monthly
Ready to use in 30 minutes
Join thriving community in TRIFFT loyalty app
No integration necessary
Access statistics and manage your program via TRIFFT Admin
Reach your customers with engaging push notifications and messages
Consumer contests
and clubs for FMCG
"I want to launch consumer contests quickly and effortlessly. I want to build 1:1 relationships with consumers and gain behavioral insights through data"
270 €
/ contest
Ready to launch in 7 days
Leverage fiscalization QR codes to automatically verify purchases
Interact with customers via a consumer club app or microsite
Re-engage consumers during competition with messages
Gain access to SKU-level data, demographics and buyer behavior
TRIFFT offer
270 €
/ monthly
/ one-time set up
/ monthly
24/7 monitoring
Is TRIFFT for you?
Gas stations
Execute consumers contest through modern channels and build lasting 1:1 relationships with consumers through a consumer club app.

You will be rewarded by driving up engagement and by gaining detailed insight into shopping habits of your customers.
Publish discount coupons through modern digital channels (app and web) - reduce printing costs and safe nature.

Effortlessly run fun and engaging consumer contests with your supplier brands.

TRIFFT will be here to support you at every step.
You may be the smallest hotdog stand in town, corporate cafeteria or restaurant chain - but it always pays back to reward your customers!

You can let your patrons know about news, promotions or happy hours, motivate them to come more often or join events, or do something special for your VIPs ;)

Lets set everything up based on your current needs and menu.
We provide mobile loyalty applications and web portals every bit as great as solutions used by the largest players.

We support reward catalogues, location search with totem prices and services, or fuel card solutions.

Targeted customer communication is a given, as is support for special promotions (network-wide or at selected venues).
Are you a grocery or drugstore retailer, or any other retailer with repeated purchase?You will enjoy our modules for displaying promotion leaflets, news and direct messages. You can also connect consumer contests or eCommerce.

Whether you want to reward customers in a traditional way or with personalised coupons, whether you already have some kind of loyalty system or want to start with one, we have a solution for you.
Building 1: 1 relationships with customers brings long-term benefits.

Stay close to your customers - directly in their pockets - with an overview of all your procedures, promotions and other important news.
Our references
Artem Boldyrev
Owner of Beer Station
We swithched from paper stamp cards to TRIFFT for several reasons. First, mobile solutions is the future and second - it is eco-friendly. I was surprised to see impact already after 1st week!
Matej Varga
Business Development Agent, Subway Slovakia
We wanted to build a modern customer loyalty system for Slovak market. However, developing our own app would be difficult from financial and capability perspective, with added complexity of GDPR. TRIFFT took care of all these issues for us and gained my trust by onboarding all our outlets in a record time.
Tomáš Mikita
Owner of Mishte Sandwich
We are using TRIFFT because it proved to generate incremental revenue from repeat customers - while making those same customers excited. Higher sales and happy customers - what more could one ask for in gastronomy?
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