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Veg life

Loyalty Mobile app
Loyalty mobile app
7% increase in customer visits
Loyalty coupons and deals
10% increase in the number of weekly transactions per customer
Loyalty CMS
1 engaging app feature that became the hallmark of Veg Life's loyalty proposition
Industry research repeatedly shows that attracting a new customer is up to 6x more expensive than keeping an existing one. Having loyal, repeat customers may therefore be considered an absolute must in today's restaurant and food retail industry.

But how to achieve it? We searched for the answers with our client, Veg life.
Veg life
Veg life is a chain of seven restaurants in Bratislava. They focus on healthy and tasty vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes prepared from the freshest ingredients with no artificial additives.

The self-service system gives customers an opportunity to create their own varied and balanced menus, which significantly contributes to the reduction of food waste. Customers love the fair concept of paying only for the meal's actual weight.

In all, the family-owned Veg Life franchise is a much-loved concept, serving lunch goers across all central parts of Bratislava.
  • Industry
    Self-service Restaurant chain
  • Location
    Bratislava, Slovakia
  • TRIFFT Loyalty products
    TRIFFT products
    Loylalty Mobile app
  • Increase customer visits
    TRIFFT has served Veg life since April 2019, rewarding customers via the loyalty mobile app and ensuring automatic communication through all popular channels.

    The restaurants had managed to build a strong base of loyal customers in the first month of using TRIFFT-powered loyalty program. Despite the limited venue capacity, the program developed strong followership with over 800 active members per restaurant. However, at the end of the year the owner, Peter Jurík, approached us with a new task.

    The owners felt that customers did not return as regularly as they would have imagined and asked TRIFFT to propose a solution.
TRIFFT Solution
  • Loyalty bonus points
    Introduction of a new feature
    We first analysed the data and saw that most commonly, visitors would come twice per week. We then used "Quest" module to create a new loyalty element within the application. If customers came to Veg life at least 3 times during any given calendar week (on 3 different days), we would automatically add 10 bonus points to their loyalty accounts.
  • Loyalty mobile app
    Proper communication
    We communicated the news in the app, via push notifications and e-mail directly to the customers' phones, and of course, we didn't omit Veg Life's social media.

    The interactive contest let the customer see how many more visits were remaining to get those extra points, encouraging them to complete the quest in time. We created automated scenarios that segmented members with the potential to complete the 3rd visit and targeted those with push notifications through automated scenarios.
  • Customer engagement feature
    Incentive to engage regularly
    At the beginning of every week, the quest would automatically reset and customers had the opportunity to win points again.
  • Veg life case study
    The campaign exceeded expectations! Creating a stretch goal and actively targeting patrons who had a good potential to reach them yielded 10% increase in visit frequency (from 2 per week to 2.2 per week) and 7% growth of loyalty-linked transactions overall.

    Needles to say - what started as a "what if" pilot, became an integral part of Veg Life's loyalty program!
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