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Mobile app + Responsive loyalty website
Loyalty mobile app
15-20% club app users switched to a new mobile app within first 3 weeks
Loyalty coupons and deals
200k + unique coupons and partner deals issued to date
Loyalty CMS
1 person managing the whole loyalty experience from a single platform
Wormelen group
Wormelen is the largest wholesaler of toys in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and toy retailer founded in 1990.

The group's portfolio includes Alltoys company, Bambule,, as well as online stores and

Prior to working with TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud, Wormelen group had already successfully run its earn and burn loyalty club with over 450k registered members.

However, the urgent need for unified CMS and the inability to manage loyalty content in real-time without IT assistance led the group to seek TRIFFT services.
  • Industry
    Toy retail/wholesale
  • Company size
    Company size
    Up to 1,000 employees
  • Location
    Central Europe
  • TRIFFT Loyalty products
    TRIFFT products
    Mobile app
    Responsive loyalty website
  • Custom-made mobile app and web were static, with no option to manage content in real-time
    To change both content and visuals, assistance from IT or marketing agency was needed. Even the slightest edits required further assistance, causing operational inefficiency (time and price-wise)
  • CDP technology used by the client wasn't able to integrate into the existing loyalty system
    Loyalty and CDP were two separate systems, unable to complement each other
  • The company wished to use unique coupons & partner deals, however, they had no platform to keep track of them
    There was no option to manage coupon campaigns, which limited the company to using the simplest earn & burn loyalty strategy
TRIFFT solution
To avoid disruption of the existing program, we gradually rolled out TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud solutions:
Access to TRIFFT's CMS let dedicated employees manage loyalty content from a single platform, all in real-time. The team of Wormelen group was therefore able to edit all texts, visuals, and settings internally or ocassionally with help from TRIFFT support team
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Loyalty Mobile app
We replaced an existing app with a responsive new one with a number of additional functionalities, including digital leaflets, rewards catalogue (with an option to redeem rewards directly from the app), push notifications as a new means of communication, 1:1 messaging with customers, etc.
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Loyalty website
We upgraded the group's web from a static one to a fully-responsive loyalty website with features complementing the mobile app
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Our integrated CRM provided Wormelen Group with a full-featured segmentation tool. Moreover, we connected it with the existing CDP per client's request
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Unique coupons / partner deals module
TRIFFT made a long-desired unique coupon module a reality for the group. It is now possible to create, upload, manage and track coupons and partner deals directly from our platform
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