Unlocking Loyalty’s Future: How TRIFFT is Transforming Customer Engagement with WhatsApp

🚀 Exciting News Alert! 🚀 Introducing TRIFFT’s Latest Addition: WhatsApp Loyalty Integration

We believe in the uniqueness of our customers. They have diverse business models, sizes, spirits, and goals. They work diligently to build their brand. All of this should be mirrored in the loyalty program so that it aligns 100% with the company’s goals, rather than standing in the way.

Horses for Courses

What’s the best “channel” to engage with your customers? Well… it depends. In fact, it hinges both on YOU (i.e., your specific business type) and on your customers (both collectively and individually).
Example 1: Best channel for a tire shop? Probably not a mobile app; maybe a digital card? Why? There’s not enough frequency and content to substantiate an app.
Example 2: Best channel for McDonald’s and Starbucks – mobile app! Why? Very strong brands that can “encourage” people to use high-engagement channels and generate engaging content.
Example 3: Best channel for eCommerce? Likely a “pop-up widget” floating in the corner of the site. Why? Users shouldn’t navigate elsewhere or look for an app – you want a wide funnel to checkout.
WhatsApp Loyalty Program

How about Multiple Channels? Absolutely!

Let’s say you run a restaurant chain. While 20% of your customers are eager to engage, the remaining 80% may be just testing you out. You can either try to persuade them to download the app or provide another “lower barrier channel” to participate.

Lower Barrier Channels

Lower barrier channels may be perfect for less engaged customers, serving as your “loyalty safety net.” They require less effort to join and offer fewer incentives. They may serve as a stepping stone for loyalty program members to register, have a few positive experiences, and realize what they’re missing.

New Low Barrier Channel: WhatsApp

That’s why we at TRIFFT launched WhatsApp, a brand-new channel. Sitting next to the full-featured mobile app, convenient “reference” loyalty microsite, low-key digital wallet cards, and seamless ecommerce widgets, WhatsApp really opens up great possibilities.

Loyalty Channels and Culture

Different regions have varied communication preferences, from Chinese “superapps” to simply giving out phone numbers in the US as loyalty IDs. Interestingly, particularly in Asia and South America, WhatsApp is often the preferred channel for loyalty programs. People may not want to install full-blown apps but still live their digital lives through smartphones, not desktops.

WhatsApp in B2B Loyalty

In business, time is money, and efficiency reigns supreme. Apps are pleasant, but customers need a convenient way to participate. WhatsApp offers a streamlined counterbalance to a full-fledged loyalty website, allowing easy ways to check point balance, submit proof of purchase, or get support.

WhatsApp in B2C Loyalty

In B2C, the options expand even further. Consider the possibilities of reactivating “passive” loyalty members, engaging in conversational commerce, or soliciting post-purchase feedback.

WhatsApp is a fantastic new channel in TRIFFT’s portfolio of customer loyalty solutions. It integrates seamlessly with other channels and has tremendous potential for both B2B and B2C loyalty programs.
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