TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud

Real-time CMS

Loyalty club members are eager to read fresh content all the time. That’s why TRIFFT supports dynamic content creation with a set of easy-to-use modules that will fit your needs

Custom Homepage

Manage what's visible on your app/web landing page. Select from pre-set modules (e.g. content link, contest, rewards, etc.) to always present attractive content


Easily publish news through multiple formats (e.g. push notifications, in-app message, hero banner, etc.). Benefit from scheduling, segmentation and venue specific audiences


Highlight the most important deals you want your customers to know about (e.g. favorite item on discount, partner promo, Black Friday, etc.)


Bring your leaflet experience online with minimum effort, but keep 100% control. Work with multiple leaflets, segmentation by venue and auto scheduling available


Keep your venue list always up to date, decide what info you want to share in venue details (e.g. car wash, coffee corner, parking, etc.). Link to Apple/Google maps for navigation

Instagram Feed

Easily secure always fresh content and drive your Instagram account followers

Facebook Feed

Easily secure always fresh content and drive your Facebook account followers

Product Catalogue

Showcase your products catalogue and select best products for each club member

eComm Storefront

Combine club & shopping experience and turn your loyalty club into a sales channel