TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud


Developing a loyalty program without CRM is a wasted opportunity.


To start, account/consent management, or customer support are a must. But you can do so much more with automatic segmentation, marketing automation or omnichannel outbound communication.


Ensure good customer experience and avoid mistakes and unnecessary overhead by automating Order to Delivery/Pickup process (e.g. of rewards, contest prizes, etc.)


Track performance of your program through pre-set dashboards or get access to custom views based on MS PowerBI


Review profile and actions of any user, adjust information, send bonus points or manage account settings as needed

Push Notifications

Proactively reach out to customers to share critical information and improve marketing engagement


Send text messages directly from TRIFFT

Engagement Scoring

Monitor health of your customer engagement over time. Analyze whole club, particular segments or individual club members

Customer Feedback

Ask for customer feedback after every purchase or other key event. Use this data to track performance over time and understand how your customers feel about your service

Direct Messages

Let customers contact you directly to improve service and avoid awkward public conversations (e.g. on Facebook, Instagram)


Take advantage of embedded email builder to keep all content under one roof


Assign club members to segments based on dynamic rules or by API/one-off imports

Automated Scenarios

Set any communication flow you like and let scenarios run automatically 24/7


Ensure legal & privacy compliance by managing, collecting and following consents