TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud

Loyalty Engine

Every consumer club needs to have a loyalty element to attract & retain members. That’s why TRIFFT supports all modern loyalty mechanics and features, including:


Issue coupons with flexibility: different customers segments (e.g. to churning customers), based on achievement (e.g. visit 3x), based on chance (e.g. scratch cards)


Run classic reward point and catalogue system with ease. Manage multi-SKU rewards (e.g. sizes, colours) and combine with Delivery module to fully automate your loyalty system


Chetah gives you the blocks & kits you need to create a true website within minutes.xaUse contests as main loyalty mechanics, or to bring some excitement into your program. TRIFFT offers end-to-end solution from design to final/daily drawing and contacting winners

Stamp Cards

Whether used as the only tried and tested mechanics, or to complement other loyalty elements, stamp cards are a great way to launch a simple program


Quests serve as an addition to other mechanics when you want to incentivise profitable behaviour (e.g. increase purchase frequency)