From simple eCommerce sites to complex enterprise project, we have you covered. Check our plans or contact us directly.


79 /month

For pure online businesses
  • ✓ Digital Wallet Card, Ecommerce widget
  • ✓ 1 000 Active Members Capacity
  • ✓ Without SLA
  • ✓ Loyalty BI not available
  • ✓ Order&Pay not available
  • ✓ Chat + Email Support
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149 /month

Basic loyalty program
  • ✓ Digital Wallet Card, Loyalty Website
  • ✓ 1 000 Active Members Capacity
  • ✓ Without SLA
  • ✓ Loyalty BI not available
  • ✓ Order&Pay not available
  • ✓ Chat + Email Support
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Full-featured loyalty program
  • ✓ Mobile App + All Other Channels
  • ✓ 50 000 Active Members Capacity
  • ✓ Standard SLA
  • ✓ Loyalty BI available
  • ✓ Order&Pay available
  • ✓ Chat + Email Support
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Enterprise from


Large project with 24/7 support
  • ✓ Mobile App + All Other Channels
  • ✓ 500 000 Active Members Capacity
  • ✓ Premium SLA
  • ✓ Loyalty BI included
  • ✓ Order&Pay available
  • ✓ Chat + Email + Phone Support
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79 / month


149 / month


1.249 / month

Enterprise from

3.499 / month

Administration seats 1 1 3 10
Active member capacity 1 000 1 000 50 000 500 000
Emails 500 500 5 000 50 000
SMS - - 500 5 000
WhatsApp Messages - - 500 5 000
AI tokens - - 10 000 100 000
Loyalty website (responsive)
Digital wallet card
Ecommerce widget
Mobile app
Plastic cards
Content Copilot (Loylaty AI)
Order&Pay € 250 € 250
Analytics Basic dashboards
Analytics Custom dashboards
Loyalty BI € 250
SLA n/a n/a Standard Premium
Chat Support
Email Support Best Effort Best Effort
Phone Support
Shopify Integration
Email Integration Mailgun Mailgun Custom Custom
SMS Integration Twilio Custom
WhatsApp Integration
Custom Integration

Got any question?

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. All you have to do is request a demo to talk to our team about your loyalty ambitions. We will help you pick the plan that best suits your needs.

What do Channels stand for?

Our customer facing channels include mobile application, loyalty website, digital wallet card, loyalty kiosk, physical loyalty cards and headless loyalty (API).

How many Active Members does my business need?

Estimating the number of active members depends on various factors such as your business type, customer base, and industry benchmarks. TRIFFT will help you estimate the right capacity and adjust the plan if needed.

Is there a monthly payment available?

Since loyalty programs are typically long-term initiatives, spanning over years. That’s why we offer annual payments allowing you to have a predictable cost structure and budgeting for your loyalty program expenses. Multi-year contracts are available via custom quotes.

What is SLA?

SLA stands for Service Level Agreement. It is a formal agreement between TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud and a customer, that outlines the level of service that will be provided and the performance expectations that need to be met. We currently offer two versions of SLA – Standard and Premium.

Can I migrate my existing program to TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud?

Of course, TRIFFT can handle the migration. However, there may be technical specifics that need to be addressed before proceeding. 

Do you offer a free trial?

We currently do not offer a free trial. However, we can set up a free demo account for you to test our platform, as well as our Channels. 

Can I pick more than one Channel for my loyalty program.

Of course, TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud supports omnichannel approach to loyalty. For your convenience, all the selected Channels are managed form a single platform. 

What happens if I exceed the number of Active Members?

Our flexible plans allow you to scale up your loyalty program as your business grows. Therefore, if you exceed the number of users included in your plan, you will be promptly notified. We will help you adjust the plan to your business needs.

I have multiple stores, is my payment based on the number of venues?

No, the price of using the services of TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud does not depend on the number of venues/locations or transactions, but rather on the number of Active Members.

How TRIFFT handles data security?

TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud is built on Microsoft Azure to ensure maximum security. You can read detailed information on security in our Terms.

Will TRIFFT work with my existing providers, e.g. email service?

TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud will work with most major service providers, more info can be found on our Integrations page. Please contact us if you need information about specific providers.

What kind of support do I receive with TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud?

Based on the plan selected, we offer three support options: chat, email and phone. Plans with SLA (Business and Enterprise) include guaranteed response and resolution times.