The Top Loyalty Retail Conferences to Attend in 2022: A Comprehensive List

The loyalty marketing landscape has rapidly evolved over the past years, and the industry needs to learn about new research projects, technologies, and approaches. Steve Jobs said once: “Learn continually. There is always “one more thing to learn”.

At TRIFFT, we love to attend different kinds of conferences and summits, in person or online. That is why we suggest you to pay attention to the 10 best upcoming conferences that could help you to meet with like-minded people and industry peers, expand your knowledge and find solutions, or maybe stand out with your own job ideas.

Let’s start!

Top loyalty and retail conferences

1. Customer Experience Ecosystem: A Frost and Sullivan Executive MindXchange

July 18-20, 2022 | Minneapolis, Minnesota

You still can be in time to register for the Customer Experience Ecosystem. The conference is dedicated to the future of customer experience across the entire organization.

Why attend? 75% of the people you will collaborate with are executive (VP & director level), in addition to this, organizers promise real-world examples and insights from speakers on the leading edge of customer experience innovation.

Speakers at the conference will cover topics such as:

· Optimizing the Customer Experience Journey
· Customer-centric organizational structure – the key to customer value and revenue growth
· Technology – transformational impact across traditional and new channels
· How to Close Siloes – deliver personalized experiences

Find how to participate here.

2. ICCELM 2022: 16. International Conference on Customer Experience and Loyalty Management

August 30-31, 2022 | Budapest, Hungary

In the last days of summer, 16. International Conference on Customer Experience and Loyalty Management will be held in beautiful Budapest. The conference will be useful for marketing managers, executors, and industry researchers.

Why attend? Its purpose is to share experiences and research results on all aspects of customer experience and loyalty management.

Here are some selected topics that will be discussed:

· Application of Customer Relationship Management Systems in Business: Challenges and Opportunities
· Impact of Customer Management System in Improving Customer Retention
· The Evolving Customer Experience Management Landscape: A Case Study on the Paper Machine Companies

Check out for more info and registration here.

3. Humanising Digital Conference

September, 07 2022 | London, United Kingdom

After a summer vacation, it’s so refreshing to start a new page with inspiration and new connections. Humanising Digital Conference aims to leverage evolving technologies & tap into customer data to understand your customers.

Why attend? The focus of the conference will be on delivering effortless customer experiences & how to drive profits with human-centered digital strategies. Despite speeches will be around customer experience, rather than loyalty, it will be relevant for marketers, CMO, or CRM.

At the conference will be covered topics such as:

· Tech, Chatbots, AI
· Untangling Customer Data
· Human-Centered Digital Design
· Empowering All Customers
· Customer Needs, Behaviors, Expectations
· The Business Case For Digitalization
· Level Up Your Customer Journeys

Follow up here.

4. Loyalty Expo 2022

17-21 Sep 2022 | Charlotte, North Carolina

Loyalty Expo 2022 is a conference and exhibition dedicated to strategies and issues related to customer relationship-building and loyalty.

Why attend? Expo will include topics such as B2B and customer loyalty, technology, branding, loyalty programs, and various channels for customer engagement.

It will be useful for:

· Mid- and Senior-Level Executives from Corporate Communications,
· Marketing & Research/Analysis
· Corporate Planning & Strategic Planning
· Database Marketing
· Sales Promotion
· Business Development
· Customer Retention/CRM
· Loyalty/Relationship Marketing Agencies
· Marketing Operations and IT.

Check them out here.

5. Groceryshop 2022

September 19-21 2022 | Las Vegas, Nevada

Grocery’s digital transformation is not slowing down – and neither can you.

Why attend? Groceryshop brings together 4,000+ leaders across the ecosystem from established and startup CPG brands, supermarkets, c-stores, drug stores, general merchandise stores, discount stores, e-commerce players, warehouse clubs, grocerants, and non-traditional grocery retailers.

Through rich presentations, interviews, case studies, workshops, and panels, expert advice, and insights on:

· Emerging business models in grocery and CPG
· Changing consumer behaviors and preferences
· Winning marketing, loyalty, and personalization strategies
· Exceptional e-commerce experiences
· Connecting omnichannel data
· Breakthrough innovations in payments
· The latest grocery technologies

And many others!

Read more here.

6. Loyalty Summit London 2022

September 22, 2022 | London, United Kingdom

This fall Loyalty Summit returns to London. Founded in 2018, the Loyalty Summit has become the most anticipated loyalty conference of the year. You can hear the latest insights from industry leaders at this powerhouse single-day event.

Why attend? The event is conversational in nature and steers away from traditional presentations. Sessions include strategic planning and implementation for airline and hotel loyalty. They also dive into the verticals and new technology solutions.

Session Topics include:

· Shifting Gears – Pivoting Strategy to Adapt to the New Realities of Business Travel
· Engaging the Next Generation of Elite Loyalty Members
· EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Customers, Changes & Challenges Post-Crisis
· Commercial Realities – Strategies to Turn the CFO into a Loyalty Champion
· Smart Data – Partnerships, Privacy, & Priorities

Learn more here.

7. eCommerce Expo 2022

28-29 Sep 2022 | London, United Kingdom

eCommerce Expo 2022 is an exhibition and conference dedicated to products and services, a new and innovative best practice for Call Centre & Customer Management.

Why attend? eCommerce Expo 2022 brings together:

· Consumer (FMCG, Consumer Durables, etc.)
· Construction/Engineering Outsourcer
· Consultancy/Management Consultancy Public
· Pharmaceuticals
· Dotcom Retail/Mail Order
· Sector/Education/Government
· Holidays/Hotel/Leisure Training Provider
· Finance/Banking/Insurance Telecommunications
· Manufacturing Utilities
· IT/High-Tech Manufacturing & Services Travel & Transportation
· Marketing Services Provider
· Marketing/Media Owner Voluntary Sector/Charity

8. NACS Show 2022

October 1-4, 2022 | Las Vegas, Nevada

If you work in convenience and the fuel retailing industry, you may be interested in this great Expo. The Event is an ideal stage for face-to-face interaction, with high-profile panel discussions and expert speakers on current and future convenience sector challenges.

This year, NACS 2022 Las Vegas will also offer 45+ education programs in order to provide the most relevant and exciting information to National Association of Convenience Stores Show visitors.

Why attend? The NACS trade show 2022 is an opportunity to explore more than 1,200 exhibitors with five different interest areas represented:

· Merchandise
· Candy & snacks
· Technology, facility development & store operations
· Fuel equipment & services
· Food equipment & food service programs.

For more info go here:

best loyalty retail conferences las vegas

9. IRX @ DTX + UCX 2022

October 12-13, 2022 | London, United Kingdom

IRX is launching a digital retail event inside our longstanding DTX + UCX event. Attracting over 13,000 digital and IT professionals who are leading the way in digital transformation, collaboration and customer interactions, DTX + UCX is the perfect place to explore the rapidly changing landscape for digital retail.

Why attend? IRX @ DTX + UCX will bring together tech and digital leaders, e-commerce heads, developers, and architects to explore new tech, new ways of working, and the very latest in modern commerce.

Themes at IRX @ DTX + UCX:

· Evolving architectures for modern commerce
· Evolving the customer experience – changing the way customers interact and buy
· Data, insights and processes
· Innovation – looking at the next experiences

See what will happen at IRX @ DTX + UCX

10. Advanced Customer Loyalty & Retention

November 30, 2022 | London, United Kingdom

Charming, but probably rainy London will wait for you to meet 20 cross-sector loyalty, retention, CRM, engagement & personalization directors who reveal their brand new & innovative insights!

Why attend?

The conference will cover topics such as:

· Customer Loyalty & Retention
· Customer-Centric Journeys
· Automation & AI
· Customer Engagement
· Inspiring Personalization
· Channels & Content
· Measuring Tangible Results
· Future CRM Innovations

Check here for all topics and brand speakers here.

Loyalty conferences are great for education and networking. With Covid-19 was almost impossible to meet in person, with the upcoming economic recession we don’t know what to expect, so to attend one-two conferences, and meet like-minded people looks inspiring!

If you’d like to share your experience with any loyalty conference you’ve attended, we’d love to hear from you below in the comments!